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Rabies vaccination is required by law. This is because rabies can be contracted by wildlife, pets and humans! Proof of vaccination is required to license your dog (which should be done at 6 months of age) and to groom, board or ship your dog. The first rabies vaccine lasts for one year, but thereafter the rabies vaccines last for three years.


Distemper is a combination vaccine that covers several diseases. Most include Distemper, Hepatitis, Para­Influenza and Parvo viruses (DHPP). There are four strains of Leptospirosis that can also be included (DHLPP). The Leptospirosis vaccination can also be given by itself. These diseases are transmitted various ways including through direct contact, the air, feces, bodily fluids, and stagnant water. Any pet that is ever out of the home or around other animals is at risk, so the Distemper vaccine is highly recommended for all dogs.

Bordatella is better known as Kennel Cough. Kennel Cough is a respiratory disease that is spread through the air and direct contact with infected dogs. Kennel Cough is similar to the human cold, and the vaccine is required by high quality kennels, groomers, puppy classes and doggy day cares. The decision to vaccinate against Bordatella is based on the lifestyle of the pet.

Canine Flu arrived in Michigan in 2018. Flu is a highly contagious respiratory disease that is spread through the air and by direct contact with infected dogs.  It is more contagious and more aggressive than Kennel Cough. Vaccination against flu is now required by many kennels, groomers, puppy classes and doggy day cares/boarding facilities. The decision to vaccinate against Flu is based on the lifestyle of the pet. 

Lyme disease is carried by the deer tick. Different areas have different levels of disease, however Michigan is seeing more and more dogs testing positive. Vaccinating against Lyme disease is based on the lifestyle of the pet. For instance, if you and your dog go hiking, camping, or live in wooded areas, they might benefit from the Lyme vaccine.


Puppy Schedule

Age To Start Vaccines: Start at 6 weeks.

Time Frame For Boosters: Boosters are given every 3 weeks until your puppy is over 16 weeks old.

What Is Needed:

  • Rabies: Single dose at 16wks
  • Distemper: Given every 3-4 weeks between 6 weeks and 16 weeks  *Leptospirosis vaccination will be added in the last two vaccines of this series
  • Bordatella: Single dose any time over 10 weeks
  • Flu: Series of 2 vaccines starting after 10 weeks and given 2-4 weeks apart
  • Lyme: Series of 2 vaccines starting after 10 weeks and given 2-4 weeks apart
  • Fecal test: Checks for intestinal parasites.  Testing is suggested until 2 negative results are achieved.
  • Heartworm/Flea/Tick/Intestinal parasite preventatives: Given every 30 days, year-round   *Annual Heartworm test starts at 12 months of age
  • Spay/Neutering: Can be done at 4 months of age

Note: If a puppy's vaccines are stopped before 16 weeks of age, it is possible that they will not develop long lasting immunity. They are not fully vaccinated until they have completed the full series of puppy shots!

Many breeders, pet stores and rescues give puppies de-wormers. The de-wormer does not mean a fecal test is unnecessary! De-wormers are not 100% effective and often do not protect against all different types of intestinal parasites.

Adult Dog Schedule

MONTHLY: Every 30 days, Heartworm/ Flea/ Tick/ Intestinal Parasite preventatives should be administered

YEARLY: Physical exam, Heartworm test, Fecal test, Distemper vaccine if high risk,  Leptospirosis vaccine (given with distemper when possible), Bordatella vaccine, Lymes vaccine, Flu vaccine. We recommend regular wellness bloodwork screening.

EVERY 3YRS: Rabies vaccine.  Distemper vaccine can be given every three years in many cases.