Our on-site groomer offers service for dogs, cats and rabbits. Whether your pet needs a bath and brush or a show cut, we are ready to pamper them at our pet salon.


Wellness Care

Annual exams, individually tailored vaccine programs, regular bloodwork, and year-round parasite prevention are essential to ensure your pets have a full, healthy life. We will help you select the best preventive program for your pets' needs. Call today for your check-up appointment.


Exotics Species Care

In addition to dogs and cats, we treat a wide variety of companion species. We have expertise in numerous small mammals, birds and reptiles. We offer wellness exams, husbandry education, blood work, wing trims, nail trims, advanced diagnostic work-ups, and a numerous surgical procedures.



We offer a wide-variety of surgical procedures including spay/neuter, cruciate ligament and patella repair, soft palate resection, c-sections, tumor removals, amputations, fracture repair, bladder stone removal, liver biopsy, intestinal foreign body removal, corrective eyelid surgeries and many more. We use top of the line tools and equipment and dedicate ourselves to meticulous anesthetic care.



Pets have teeth too! And just like you, they need dental care. We offer education and tools to help you prevent dental disease. We also offer high quality dental cleanings with ultrasonic scaling and polishing. When mouths get bad, we offer high quality dental x-ray, oral surgery and extraction services in-house. Your pets' oral health can play a big part in their overall health and quality of life!


Therapy Laser

Laser therapy uses light wave technology to provide a non-invasive, drug-free way to control arthritis in pets. Laser therapy reduces inflammation and pain and promotes healing and can be a game-changer for pets who suffer from chronic pain.


Advanced Onsite Diagnostics

On-site bloodwork, high quality x-ray, ultrasound and large suite of table-side tests allow us to get answers and treatments to your pet quickly.

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