Dental disease is the most common medical ailment in our dog populations.  Dental tartar accumulates on dogs' teeth just like it does on ours.  But, unlike us, dogs typically do not brush and floss or get bi-annual professional cleanings.  As the tartar accumulates, it can cause massive inflammation of the gums and loss of the bone that holds the teeth in place.  Dental disease can be very painful, and can greatly affect your dog's quality of life.  Kidney, heart and liver health can also be effected by your dog's dental disease.  

Stretch the lips back and look at the upper molars so you can asses your dog's teeth properly. There are a lot of ways to help with dental care: regular brushing, special diets, chew toys. We recommend AGAINST letting your dog chew on antlers, as these are prone to cause tooth fracturing. We are happy to offer education on tooth brushing and products that can help protect your dog's mouth and prevent the build-up of tartar.  No matter how thorough your home-care regimen is, most dogs need professional, anesthetized dental cleaning to remove accumulations of tartar. The frequency of these cleanings varies greatly based on many factors: breed, chew habits, diet, and home-care.

In addition to maintenance dental cleanings, we also routinely perform oral surgery to remove infected and severely damaged teeth using high-speed dental drills and dental x-ray.  It is amazing how much of a difference a clean and healthy mouth makes in a dog's overall health and happiness!  We have seen dogs with foul mouths blossom after getting their dental problems addressed time and time again.  If your dog has a painful, dirty or smelly mouth, call us today to see what we can do to help!