Cats can live to their late teens or even twenties.  However, geriatric care starts at 9 years of age.  For older cats, detecting and managing chronic disease early is very important.  Common geriatric diseases include kidney disease, heart disease, hyperthyroid, dental disease, arthritis, cancers, inflammatory bowel syndrome and others.  Regular monitoring of bloodwork, urine and blood pressure helps detect disease early.  

Recognizing and treating arthritis is extremely important.  Over 90% of cats who are 10 years or older have some degree of arthritis.  Arthritic conditions can be treated with medication, supplementation, special diets, environmental changes and rehabilitation techniques such as class IV therapy laser.  

There is no generic “geriatric diet.”  Diets for older cats should be selected with a veterinarians advice and should be based on your cats body condition and medical conditions.